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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Breaking Free Ebook Review

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Breaking Free, by SM Koz, is a story about Kelsie Sullivan, a once happy and outgoing cheerleader, with a secret that has caused her to turn to self harm.

The accident that killed her best friend, Jenna, was her fault, and nobody knows it. The guilt is overwhelming, and since her father is mostly absent from her life, and her step-mother could be the queen of all evil step-mothers, Kelsie has nowhere to turn.

When it is discovered that she is relieving her stress at the end of a razor blade, her step-mother sends her to a Wilderness Therapy program that feels like it is a million miles away from everyone and everything she knows.

Kelsie hates it there, and tries everything to be kicked out, but when she meets JC, a boy with a secret of his own, her feeling start to change. But, as the saying goes, "it always gets worse before it gets better", Kelsie is hit with tragedy once again.

I don't want to tell you too much of the story, but I will say that, I liked this story. It is full of heartache, despair, and self harm, but with love and acceptance thrown in. The story does switch back and forth between the present and Kelsie's flashbacks, and although the flashbacks aren't always seamless, they do add a level of mystery to the story.

It is good to see that Kelsie's outlook on things changes as she becomes more accepting of her program, and her love interest. If you are interested in reading more, you can find Breaking Free on Amazon for $2.99.

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The List: Shout out your dreams Ebook Review

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Have you ever had something happen in your life, that was so terrible, it made everyone wonder how you managed to make it from one day to the next, simply because it was something that would make most people give up hope?

That is exactly what happened to Yuval Abramovitz, and it is the reasoning behind his book, The List: Shout out your dreams.

At 16 years old, he has a horrific accident at work, that leaves him paralyzed. Now, instead of planning for all the things that most kids his age were planning for, he was stuck either in his bed, or in wheelchair.

The doctors didn't know why he was paralyzed, or if he would ever regain use of his legs, but there he was, wheelchair bound at 16.

During this time, he started writing down all the things he wanted to do with his life, he broke the list down into age groups, and every time he thought of something new, he added it to the appropriate category. His list was a lifetime bucket list of sorts...everyone that read it thought he was crazy, but he credits this list to helping him have the drive and motivation to work on regaining the use of his legs; which he does after a grueling year and a half.

This book is a motivational, and inspirational book, that pushes us to explore our dreams, and go after them. What are your dreams, what goals do you have, and what is stopping you from accomplishing them?

I strongly suggest this book to anyone looking to open up their minds to the possibility of actually living your dreams; all it takes is a list, and The List: Shout Out Your Dreams! which you can find on amazon for $3.31. Start with those, and see how far you get!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Dream Ten: David's Miracle Ebook Review

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A little while back, I reviewed the book, The Dream Ten: Where's Tony?, which is book two in the Dream Ten series written by A.D. Erving, which was a very well written story, and left me interested in reading more from this series. The author came through, and sent me another book in the series, although for this review I will backtrack to book one, The Dream Ten: David's Miracle.


In this book, we are introduced to David Malone, a short kid with a love for basketball, and the skills to go along with that love. When he is told he didn't make the team after trying out for a coveted spot on the Warriors roster, David thinks his chance of ever playing for the NBA, are long gone. Big dreams for a kid headed to the seventh grade, even his dad thinks it is a waste of his time.

David gives up basketball for a while, but then rediscovers his love of it, after the little boy next door asks for his help learning how to play. David decided that basketball will always be a part of his life, and starts going to the school gym to play, but soon wishes for more.

After running into a few more guys, that also were denied a spot on the Warriors team, David and his new friends decide that they need to form their own team, but with no coach, there is no chance...until a local legend steps from the shadows and agrees to be their coach.

They go on a 72 hours hunt for 5 more guys to make up a 10 man team, and the Dream Ten are born. Their first real game is against the Warrior, and it is a family secret that helps the Dream Ten, and David come through in the end.

This is a great book, perfect for any young adult, and anyone with a love for basketball. I learned more about basketball shots while reading this book, than I did when I played basketball in middle school.

I highly recommend not only this book, but the entire series, and look forward to reading more. You can find The Dream Ten: David's Miracle on Amazon for .99 (Kindle), or $9.89 (Paperback).


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Monday, December 15, 2014

Tuna Squish Holiday Review and Giveaway!

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I love tuna, it is a great protien, and very versatile...the only downside is the nasty tuna smell that is left on your hands hands after trying to drain it. Well, no longer will that be a problem in my house, thanks to the Tuna Squish!


This great little gadget is perfect for draining not only tuna, but any other short can that you would rather not smell like. Things like clams, oysters, or even sardines would be great for this. It is hinged, so it is easy to open, and there is a magnet in the top that will hold the top to the can after squezzing the liquid from what ever you are draining. The simply push down on the little fin, and the top will release right into the trash can!

This has been put to great use in my house, as we eat a lot of tuna. It is so simple to use that I have even let my 3 year old daughter have a go at it! I will admit, that my first time using it, didn;t go quite like I thought it would, but now I am an expert!

This would be the perfect gift for the cook in your family, or even someone that just loves kitchen gadgets. Do you have a foodie, athlete, or fitness enthusiest on your list this year? Then you have to get this Tuna Squish, on Amazon for $9.99.

Now for some even better news! The makers of the awesome Tuna Squish are allowing me to hold a giveaway for one these great gadgets, so enter below, and Good Luck!!

Tuna Squish

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Knot so Fast, Brain Fitness by ThinkFun

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There are so many different types of exercise, to keep your body in shape, but what about your mind? How do you keep that in shape? Well, the guys over at ThinkFun have come up with several ways. I have already told you about the Solitaire Chess game that they have, and now I am excited to tell you about another brain fitness game they have called Know so Fast.


This game takes your through four levels of knot tying, with each not in the level becoming harder. Some use the rope alone, and some include the metal ring that comes in the game.


There are 40 challenges that help to strengthen your memory, sharpen your focus, speed up your thinking, and reduce your stress. Tying knots is great for working on fine motor skills, and is also a great spatial reasoning workout. The instructions are simple...choose the challenge, tie the knot that is shown, and if you can match the challenge you win!

I tried several of the knots, and got about half way through the intermediate level before I couldn't figure out how to tie the knot! I am still working on it, and I am enjoying the fact that my brain is getting a great workout in the process. The other fun thing, is that each challenge has a fun fact on the card, so you are learning a little bit of history behind the knot as well.


This would be a great gift idea for anyone that likes brain games, and you can find Brain Fitness Knot So Fast Game on Amazon for $14.99.

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